Birthday cakes

kdineratraten  & Birthday tails

Hoeraaaaa there is a year old hoera hoeraaaaa
Than now a cake of jesus ...

Frozen cakes, 3D cakes, props, minion tarts, turteltails, bumba cakes, monkeys, bunnies, horses, dogs, magician, cowboy .....

Christmas is a great gift for children, for birthdays, or for other children's parties.
All wishes can be met (often); A cake with 2 different sides? A cake like a painting that puts you upside down? Everything is possible. These cakes also have my recognizable style, often love the girls and the boys are often tough, often very colorful!
I make them fun without any added sugars! And with beautiful pure fresh products.
I also prefer these cakes without buttercreme but with beautiful mousses or baveroises.

Any dietary wishes are negotiable.

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