Sspecialties of peasants
The real HighTea custom-made

I arrive at your chosen location, decorate your table (s), put crispy plates, cups and dishes. Together with water glasses and carafe, beautiful teapots with various teas, flûtes for the rosé or prosecco; Special vintage dishes; And then ...... dishes and plates and etagères full of savory sandwiches with chicken and cucumber and specially decorated little cakes. Scones with lemon curd and jam and clotted cream, nice cookies and of course little sweets and delicious little quiches or maybe you choose beemsterbonkies, or sandwiches with salmon; All possible. Completely finished with tablecloths and napkins and a large jars with a healthy water.
Of course everything is fresh and lovingly handmade by Jette.
And the tea!
There is a wide choice of great tasteful loose teas, taste and familiarize yourself with these beautiful flavors.
Then you go and enjoy your guests: each other and all that sweets, deliciously relaxed without worries, so festive!
After an hour or 3 (we talk together) I get back clean up and get everything (dirty)
And have you had a TOP afternoon!

Also such a sentence?
Contact me! Mail to: jetaarten@gmail.com or call: 06 4645 0114
Of course, all wishes are negotiable.

Great for:
• girlfriends outings
• singles outings (bride)
• receptions
• Theeleutkransjes
• cozy with your neighbors
• company receptions
• Small and cozy business trips
• spoil day / afternoon
• At the campsite, feel something special
• birthdays
• sweet 16 but sweet 13, 21 or 94 can of course also
• Mother's Day pampering
• girls high tea (kids adapted to age)

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