All cakes, cupcakes and other pastries are  Handmade and unique.
Everything is tailor made, so the final price depends on your wish and design
Additional costs can be calculated for any more extensive and complicated wishes.
Of course, that is always in good agreement
In order to receive exact prices, you can always contact me.

1 floor cakes from 10 people
2 storey cakes possible from 20 persons
3 storey cakes possible from 30 people
Start these unique cakes with a price starting at 3,80 per person
These cakes are filled with delicious fresh fruit curds, beautiful tasteful mousses or bavaroises, trickled with soft syrups and masked with beautiful durable white chocolate ganache.
In a single case a durable full pure chocolate ganache
And often a taste-enhancing liqueur or prosecco is also suitable for taste.
But of course this is not necessary.
Everything is negotiable; The taste, shape, color, brushed figures, a nice edible color print, edible lace, flowers, roses, a painted pie ... .. everything is possible (BIJNA).

My cakes are loved and I have a nice regular clientele; So disappoint and order your cake on time

Bridal tails
From 5,50 pp depending on the wishes of the bride couple.
For my specific wedding tails I made a separate piece. There is as much as possible, so many different flavors and there are so many different wishes, hence I dedicated a separate chapter.

- Choose a good bacon in a delicious mousse in div flavors: 2.80 p / pc minimum decrease 10 pieces
- Filled and with beautiful decoration 3.00 p / pc minimum decrease 10 pieces
- Choose a good bacon in a delicious mousse in div flavors
3.00 p / pc minimum decrease 10 pieces
- Filled and with a nice decoration 3,20p / pc minimal decrease 10 pieces
Red velvet
- with delicious cream cream cream cream / white chocolate ribbon 3.80 p / pcs minimal decrease 12 pieces
Blue berry
- with a strong bacon of white chocolate mousse 3.50 p / pc minimum decrease 12 pieces

- handmade apple pie with a pure taste of fresh apples, soft cinnamon, rum-sultanas from € 24.50 / 10 - 12 pp
- chocobom with thick cream and a beautiful durable / raw chocolate and gold leaf from € 30.00 / 10 - 12 pp
- handmade American cheesecake with white chocolate mousse and / or blueberries and / or orange juice from € 30.00 / 10 - 12 pp
- lemon cake with lemon icing, soft gentle fresh cake with sweet and fresh icing of lime and season from € 28.00 / 10 - 12 pp
- large slice of tart with almond pie with surprising seasonal filling from € 35,00 / 10 - 12 pp
- graceful handmade chocolates; € 2,00 p / pcs from 12 pieces
- Biscuits with icing, or colored chocolate from € 1,95 p / pcs from 10 pieces
High Tea
- from 10 people on location / at your home From 24,00 pp
- from 4 people in my studio in Purmerend incl serving and hot snacks and luxury sweets; From 24,00 pp
- negotiable for groups like bridal showers, babyshowers etc: the total studio for you alone; From 24,00 pp

You're going to get married!
And you choose jewels? What nice, cool and nice!

Together we are looking for the cake for your special day! And that does not have to be a cake of 6 floors high (also fun of course) but I also make little bridesmaids, not everyone marries a big company.

You will visit, and taste the 3 tarts with 3 different flavors, as we have decided in advance, with a nice cup of tea or delicious coffee. A tasting is € 30.00 for 2 people; This will be deducted from 50 persons when ordering a wedding cake.

A wedding cake is also special to me; I spend several days working on it and put a lot of love into it; That too because he is for your wedding day !!
My wedding tails have their own unique recognizable style and have often had a listing at CakesDecor and CakeMagazine.
Of course, every cake is unique; I can not even make the same pie; After all, it is craftsmanship.

If we have come to a sketch together, I'll work out later digitally, and I'll email you with the offer. Of course the sketch is also discussed.

Did you know that there is the possibility of choosing a wide range of guest expectations! Those cakes have the same taste as the wedding cake but are not decorated, and go straight to the kitchen. This is not only attractive to the total spending amount but also the speed of distribution so that everyone can toast and toast!

And then comes the day! Of course, I can deliver your wedding cake, and often build and finish on site. You have no worries about it, I like to arrange everything around the wedding cake for you.
For more information and prices, please contact me; 0646450114

Christmas: Just cut the cake!
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